Welcome to Calvary Baptist




Still faithfully preaching salvation by grace through


faith in the precious sacrifice of our Savior, the


Lord Jesus Christ

We are an Independent, Fundamental, Bible-believing Baptist Church - A New Testament church founded upon the Word of God



Come and Join us serving Christ

 in the Heart of North Carolina!




We look forward to the things that God will be doing throughout this year.  Please pray for us as we desire to impact this world for Jesus Christ.




     Please enjoy some selections of special music from our church; hopefully you will be able to join with us in person as we are always singing for the Lord.


"When I Get Carried Away" - Tondee Quartet


"He Did It All For Me" - Pastor Tondee


"Have a Little Talk With Jesus" - Tondee Brothers


"Blessed Be The Name" - Cassandra Liles


     We are excited about serving the Lord, and excited about the ministry he has given us here.  We desire to be a blessing to everyone that we can, both here and around the world.



Most Recent Sermons

Sunday Morning Service

 "Things We Will Do for Eternity" - Luke 16


Sunday Night Service                       
   "Set Apart for God's Use" - Prov. 20




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