Calvary Christian School   


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The Learning Center


     These are just a few pictures of our Learning Center.  The Learning Center is the classroom for students from 2nd to 12th grade.  Each student has his/her own office where he/she will complete the required goals for the day in the subject matter required for that grade. 
     Unique about this particular format is that each child is able to concentrate on his/her own subject matter without the distractions that an open classroom gives.  Also unique to this format is the use of flags that you see above the offices of each student.  When the student needs attention from the teacher, he or she will place the American flag above his office for non-work related question (going to the bathroom, sharpening pencil, etc.) or the Christian flag for work-related questions (help with understanding subject matter and other such needs).  Each student receives one on one time with a teacher throughout the day, ensuring the best method of helping each student personally grasp the material, rather than just hoping that it was received during the teaching process.


Kindergarten and 1st Grade
This is where the foundation gets laid.  Here in the kindergarten classroom, the students begin with the basics which are essential to their grasping of complex subject material later on.  That is one reason why we are excited about the abeka program that we use for our kindergarten classroom, for emphasis is placed upon learning the basics and grasping them.  Our kindergarten class dissmisses at noon, but this group is more excited than any to be back the next day. 

For our first grade students, they spend there time in this room in this traditional setting until lunch.  After lunch they join the other students to continue their studies in the Learning Center until class dismisses.