Calvary Christian School

  Kindergarten & 1st Grade



     In our kindergarten and first grade class, we use the ABEKA educational material.  This curriculum has gained worldwide acclaim for producing solid foudational skills in math and reading. We believe that a focus upon the basics of education is absolutely vital to a quality education.  In order to build up these children, a solid foundation has to be laid.  Before complex subjects can ever be learned, the simple subjects have to be mastered.  Concerning education, we believe that ABEKA is one of the best curriculums out there, and because of that, we are excited about using it in our kindergarten and first grade classes.  To find out more, you can call and make and appointment to visit our school, or you can visit


2nd Through 12th Grade



     In our second through twelfth grades we use the Accelerated Christian Education Program (A.C.E.).  This unique program was founded over 25 years ago to answer the problems in the conventional educational system. 
     In the conventional educational system, students are forced to move up grade and advance in their educational endeavors, regardless of whether they are academically prepared for the consequent challenges.  For example, a student may be required to begin doing algebraic equations around the 7th or 8th grade, no matter if they understand such fundamental components as fractions or complex multiplication.  The result is, more often than not, frustration on the parts of both the parents and the student. 
     To counter these negative results of conventional education, the School of Tomorrow has developed a Curriculum known as the Accelerated Christian Education Program.  This program allows students to be on a level where they can perform.  Instead of rushing students through to the next course material, A.C.E. requires that the subject material be mastered.  So, if a student is struggling in a particular area, say simple diagraming, he/she is not rushed ahead until that subject matter is grasped.  In order to determine where each new student is academically, a diagnostic test will be given which will show where problem areas are and where the emphasis needs to be placed before moving on to more complex material.  Students simply must build upon previous knowledge before they can progress. 
     Also, to enhance a student's education, video and computerized reinforcment are utilized for many high school subjects.  Again, to find out more about A.C.E. and its use in our school, feel free to call at the number given at the top of the page, or visit