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Why a Christian School?


     There have been a lot of disturbing trends in our society that have infiltrated the public school system.  Immorality, violence, and a disrespect for the things of God are all on the rise, and the public school system only fosters an environment for them to influence students.  Why?  Because God and His Word have been forsaken.  It is high time for us to be awakened concerning the conditions that surround us.  We must realize that truth finds its root in the Word of God.  It's time to get back to the basics of the Bible.  

     We at Calvary Christian School believe that a quality education consists of more than just an education in the basics of Math, English, History, Science, etc.; we also believe that it must be a Bible-based education.  At our school, each of these subjects is taught in-depth, but from a Biblical perspective.  Never should one think that just because we are a Christian school that we do not focus on the basics of education; rather, we have an even greater motivation to focus on providing a quality education, to bring glory to God.  At Calvary Christian School, focus is certainly placed upon preparing young people for the life ahead of them, and an integral part of that is each student's personal relationship with God.  The education that we provide is strong in the basics of both education and the Bible. 

     Each and every student is important, and so is his/her growth, both mentally and spiritually.  We are more concerned with building each student than building a great school with great numbers.  Please take the time to read all of the information about our school 


Truly Traditional
     Traditional schools in America placed the emphasis upon learning rather than teaching.  Every student was accepted as an individual, each having different social and academic needs, regardless of his or her chronological age level.  Personalized curriculum and instruction were essential in their development.  Training students for life and living was part of academic instruction.  The practical widsom and moral ethics of the Holy Bible were a daily part of their lessons.  Though quickly disappearing from our society, our goal is to maintain these ideals upon which traditional education was originally founded upon.  Our desire is to be a traditional Christian school that focuses on the basics.  


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