"That's Just What He Is" - Pastor & Rhonda Tondee


"I'd Rather Have Jesus" - Jonathan Tondee


"Blessed be the Name of the Lord" - Cassandra Liles

"There is a Reason Jesus Passed By" - Jonathan Tondee

"He's Still in Control" - Pastor & Rhonda Tondee

"I Have Been Blessed" - Steven Tondee & Family

"I Bless Your Name" - Jessica Tondee

"Redeeming Grace" - Jonathan Tondee

"I Believe in a Hill Called Mount Calvary" -  Tondee Quartet

"The Lighthouse" - Jonathan Tondee

" We Will Sing" - Tondee Quartet

"Tears are a Language God Understands"- Cassandra Liles


"In Christ Alone"- Candace Leonard


"He Called Me Out"  - Tondee Quartet


"He Restoreth My Soul" - Pastor, Matthew, and Jonathan Tondee


"Was it not for the Cross" - Cassandra Liles


"How Great Thou Art" - Pastor Tondee


 "Who Am I" - Jonathan Tondee


"He Did It All For Me" - Pastor Tondee


"Down From His Glory" - Pastor Tondee


"Jesus is Coming Soon" - Matthew, Steven, and Jonathan Tondee


 "Learning to Lean" - Matthew Tondee & Cassandra Liles


 "Traveled My Last Mile" - Tondee Quartet


 "I Still Cling to the Old Rugged Cross" - Tondee Quartet


 "Until Then" - Pastor Tondee


 "I Stand Redeemed" - Tondee Quartet


  "I Stand Amazed" - Jonathan Tondee


  "For God So Loved" - Tondee Quartet


  "People Need the Lord" - Steven and Aimee Tondee


  "When I Get Carried Away" - Tondee Quartet

 "Go Reach The World" - Steven Tondee , Aimee Tondee, 

Jonathan Tondee, & Cassandra Liles

"And Can It Be" - Matthew Tondee

"The King And I" - Pastor Tondee

"He Washed My Eyes With Tears"Pastor Mark Tondee


"Unworthy" - Jonathan Tondee      

"We Shall See Jesus" - Pastor Mark Tondee  

"Next Time He Comes" - Matthew Tondee

"Gone" - Jonathan Tondee

"There Rose a Lamb" - Pastor Mark Tondee  

"He Died For Me" - Pastor Mark Tondee

"Wall of Prayer" - Aimee Tondee 

"Have a Little Talk With Jesus" - Matthew, Steven, & Jonathan  Tondee

"I'll Tell the World" - Pastor Mark Tondee 

"It's Real" - Jonathan Tondee

"Mary Did You Know" - Matthew Tondee and Cassandra Liles

"O Holy Night" - Pastor Mark Tondee

"Sweet Beulah Land" - Pastor Mark Tondee

"Willing to Do" - Aimee Tondee

"So Much To Thank Him For" - Cassandra Liles

"If That Isn't Love" - Steven and Aimee Tondee         


"Come Morning" - Tondee Quartet


"My House Is Full" - Matthew Tondee


"I should have Been Crucified" - Steven and Aimee Tondee


"Fill My Cup" - Pastor Mark Tondee


"Jesus Is Coming Soon" - Matthew and Steven Tondee; Brenda Alvis


"Redeeming Grace" - Jonathan Tondee


"My Desire" - Pastor Tondee


"He Came To Me" - Pastor Tondee


"I Believe In Miracles" - Pastor Tondee


"Hand in Hand"- Tondee Quartet


"There'll Come a Day" - Matthew Tondee


"He Is Mine" - Tondee Quartet



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